“Never did the world make a queen of a girl, who hides in houses and dreams without travelling”…

Hi 🙂

Thank you for visiting our website!  We hope that what you find here, will inspire you to be creative, travel more, treat our body well and to have all the courage to explore the world and life itself!

Vegabonds is a platform where we want to share our travel/adventure and vegan life style experience.

Let us show you how great travel and vegan food can be. All You need is a bit of courage, a pinch of imagination, and the desire to experiment.

Saba & Izz


Hi, I’m Iza, the taller version of Skala sisters. Besides passion for travel and good food I love motorcycles and argentine tango.
Together with my husband we are running interior design company rebelleconcept.com and wnetrzarebelle.pl, we renovate old furniture and old medical lamps.


Hey, I am Saba – on day to day basis I make people stronger, faster and more resilient; in a spare time I try to become a superhuman (with mixed results) ;). I love movement and challenge – whether it be running 250km across the Sahara desert, running accross the hills in Wales or lifting 2x body weight. I have been vegan for 7 years now and I enojoy trying out new ingredients, mixing flavours and coming up with new dishes. Izz is definitely the more creative one out of the 2 of us, but I have my moments as well 😉