Ingredients (for approx 4 people):

3 courgettes

1 table spoon of miso

You can top it up with whatever you want, today I have used:

1 avocado

cherry tomatoes (halved)

home made pesto (pine nuts, bunch of fresh basil, 4 pieces of sun dried tomatoes plus a bit of water – all blended together in a high speed blender)


red onion

a pinch of salt



In a bowl mix miso with a bit of water to create a paste.

Slice the courgettes along the full length (each courgette should provide approx 4 slices).  With a knife criss cross the flesh of each courgette slice and rub the miso paste into each slice.

Line a tray with a baking parchment and bake the courgettes for approx 20-25 mins in 180C fan setting.

Top them up with topping of your choice (hot or cold)