Ingredients (makes approx 10 cakes):

200 g of chestnut mushrooms

120g of shiitake mushrooms

handful of frozen spinach

6 sun dried tomatoes

2 tea spoons of miso paste

3 -4 table spoons of polenta

1 1/2 table spoon of buckwheat flour

2 cloves of garlic

roasted walnut pieces for coating


Defrost the spinach and squeeze it to remove any moisture, it has to be quite dry. Chop it into small pieces and set aside  for a few minutes.

Cook polenta as per instructions. In the meantime chop mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes into very small pieces. Place the mushrooms in the freezer for 15 minutes (this will later hels to keep the mixture together).

Once polenta is ready, stir in miso, add sun dried tomatoes and spinach (squeeze the spinach again before adding it to the mix, in case it releases any more water). Stir well, next start adding the mushrooms, keep adding them gradually and stir well. Crush garlic and add it to the mix.

If the mix is too moist add 1 table spoon of buckwheat flour to it, you can add more if needed.

On a separate tray mix walnut pieces with 1/2 table spoon of buckwheat flour – this will be your coating.

Form small cakes and roll them in the walnut/flour mix. Make sure they are evenly coated on both sides.

Bake in 200C (fan setting) on a tray line with baking parchment, 15 mins per side – enjoy hot or cold 🙂