Ingredients (makes approx 15 cakes):

4 small/medium size sweet potatoes

1 cup (200mls) of ground oats

salt and pepper to taste

sprouted buckwheat flour (works best) for dusting



Peel and slice sweet potatoes and boil until soft (the smaller the slices, the quicker it takes for the potatoes to be ready)

Next, drain the water and mash the potatoes, use potato masher, not blender. Once the mash is ready, add the oats and mix well, add salt and pepper. (You can add any spices you wish, also sun dried tomatoes, olives etc, this is just a basic recipe)

Dust a rolling board with buckwheat flour.

Using the potato mash form small balls and roll them in the flour, make sure they are coated evenly. Next press each ball, and pat it until it forms a flat cake (approx 3-5 mm thick. Make sure the board is always dusted with flour, otherwise the cakes will stick to it.

Heat up a non sticky pan (porcelain one is the best), and place the cakes in it. Dry fry each side until ready (no oil needed). You can serve them with savory or sweet toppings or just eat them as they are straight from the pan.  I like them as bread replacement