Split a game of tones.

Split is one of these places that although, full of tourists, it still  oozes incredible charm and energy. Ancient cobble stoned pavements in the Diocletian Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor circa 305 BC, radiate warmth at night and absorb the heat during the day. The old town has got it all, great restaurants (including vegan choices, which unfortunately we did not have time to check out), cafes and bars, stunning old architecture and even some Roman Soldiers walking around in full armour or Medieval fair awaiting for you round the corner, where you can buy handcrafted goods or if you are a kid, swing around in a basket.

It was our 3rd time in Split and again, we did what we like most, roamed the streets absorbing the atmosphere of the city.

Pics above – Diocletian Palace / Streets of Old Town

There is one very special place in Split, which we would recommend to everyone visiting the city. It is a small cafe called Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar. We have found this bar completely by accident last year and returned to it this summer as well. First time we were there, we were served by the owner, super nice guy.  The bar/cafe is situated in the building, which was the birthplace of Marko Marulic considered the Father of Croatian Literature. The owner honored the writer in a great way. The Library Jazz Bar is full of books, even your bill comes stuck in a book :). Marvlvs serves delicious coffee and although it is pretty small, it doesn’t feel like it.

If you are in Split – check Marvlvs out –  this little quirky yet such alluring bar is a hidden gem! I couldn’t find the actual website for the place, but HERE s their FB profile – some great reviews there!

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar

Pics above – Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar – I caught Uzi not only enjoying her coffee but also staring at one of the lamps she liked – always and forever Interior Designer ;).

Streets of Split

Streets of Split – old and new – a bit classy a bit hood 😀

Split a Game of Tones

The city tourism has significantly increased after the very popular Game Of Thrones, some of the episodes were filmed in the streets of Split. For us Split is the city of the game of tones, where the light reflects beautifully off the old stones and creates loads of shadows which make the streets look even more mysterious and give you a feeling like you have moved back in time.